Many people believe that men's accessories are a relatively recent fashion, but in reality men's jewelry is a symbol and their history begins several years ago. From the first attempts to form a society of the human race, the use of jewelry and accessories for the hand, was an indication of the position of their holder in his social group and through them the man showed prestige and power! The years passed and new manners and customs gained people's attention, making men's accessories lose the importance they once had. They are fully integrated in the modern era and are now more decorative elements that continue to play an important role socially, as they give style to the appearance by helping socializing, even flirting! The details make the difference and a modern man knows this very well! A careful male hand attracts attention and especially female eyes. We present to you the proposals of the jewelry designer Emmanuela Alevizopoulou through a rich collection of men's jewelry made of 925 silver and with special imagination!

Spring! An air of new start is blowing, especially during this difficult instance, as we all need a new launch, a feeling of 'opening' on all levels.

Hoping that this opening will come soon, I present you through Emmanuela - handcrafted for you the 5 hottest trends in jewelry for Spring 2021! We keep our morale high and we... prepare our homework so that we can always stay tuned with fashion! Let's go!

If you want to make a strong statement with your appearance, you should focus on your ears!

Earrings are that type of jewelry that more than anything else, attract eyes on the first sight, especially if you 've taken care of matching your outfit and haircut as well. They can really make you the center of attention! By wearing the appropriate earrings, you don't need expensive clothes in order to have an impressive look. The following accessories can really boost your appearance!

What should you do to clean your tanned jewelry and why do they tan from the beginning? Jewelry cleaning can be done at home easily and safely!

At we emphasize the quality construction and the high aesthetics and all our creations are made with 925 silver and precious metals, nevertheless, because all the jewelry is beautiful, we will give you tips to clean the jewelry and keep them beautiful, whether they are "true" or "faux"!

What is your answer if someone asks 'Do you wear jewelry?' or if someone says 'jewelry is not for men'? If you love men's jewelry keep reading, because you will find some important tips that you can use in a constructive way! Besides, who doesn't enjoy beautiful handmade jewelry?