The art of minimalist jewelry

The art of minimalist jewelry

Main photo: 'Butterfly' ear cuff

Minimalist jewelry is always in fashion and we always want to buy more! However, it's not always easy to match them with your outfit. Being simple is a tough task and your jewelry are no exception to this rule.

If basic look is you thing, there are a few tips that i 'll give you that you can really use. Small hints to dodge big mistakes!

Stay simple and effective!

The best way for a flawless basic style is choosing minimalist statement jewelry that will boost your appearance without bringing aesthetic noise! That mostly means unusual designs or pieces with one bold element but in one or two colors. At Emmanuela - handcrafted for you you can find a variety of such jewelry, like the 'Dragonfly' necklace.

Basic style usually means less shiny pieces that seduce others' eyes with their discretion. E.g. the Small huggie earrings.

Make sure your outfit elements won't overlap each other!

If your t-shirt has a drawing or stamp, make sure your pendant necklace won't fall in front of it. That would spoil both the t-shirt and the necklace! Therefore, you should adjust the chain's length accordingly. At Emmanuela - handcrafted for you you can choose between three types or cord or chain in various lengths for your pendant, but also among a variety of choker necklaces that will hug your neck, as the Minimalist choker for which you can pick between three different sizes (S, M, L) and three different color tones (plain silver, gold-plated or rose gold-plated).

If your bag is blingy, consider about your bracelets accordingly. If that's the case, the White pearl bracelet from Emmanuela - handcrafted for you is a great way to go.

On the same mode, take care of combining your earrings with your haircut and your jewelry with your sunglasses. Just a bit of attention is all you need to feel confident that your are mistake-free!

One statement piece at a time!

Be sure that you will not spoil your style by adding too many statement pieces of jewelry at the same time. If a piece is supposed to stand out, let it be your sole protagonist! In other words, pick the best statement jewelry for your collection and then choose the most appropriate piece for each instance and each outfit. Decide if that specific day, the best piece is your statement necklace (I suggest the 'Olive leaves' choker), the bracelet or your minimalist earrings (the 'Olive leaves' helix ear cuff  is an ideal combination of minimal-statement ear cuff) and think twice how you will combine it with the rest parts of your outfit!

Σκουλαρίκι helix "φύλλα ελιάς" | Emmanuela - handcrafted for you®

Basic style can make you look friendly and sexy at the same time! As you know by now, there are some secrets about it, but i believe that following these wise rules, you will impress others without looking like you try for it!