Spring 2021: The 5 hottest jewelry trends

Spring 2021: The 5 hottest jewelry trends

jewelry on main photo: Long earrings with disks

Spring! An air of new start is blowing, especially during this difficult instance, as we all need a new launch, a feeling of 'opening' on all levels.

Hoping that this opening will come soon, I present you through Emmanuela - handcrafted for you the 5 hottest trends in jewelry for Spring 2021! We keep our morale high and we... prepare our homework so that we can always stay tuned with fashion! Let's go!

1. Bolder shapes, gold color

Larger jewelry won't go off fashion and gold color tones will be a protagonist this spring. A couple of oversized gold-plated earrings will really help you make your own statement! I suggest the Double cross earrings.

2. Chains with details

A chain is an element that will steal the thunder this spring. A fine design in chain earrings will make you stand out and my suggestion is the Ear cuff with chains.

3. Mismatched earings

Miscmatched earrings, whether studs or huggies, will be a hot trend this season. Fro this option, Emmanuela - handcrafted for you suggests the mismatched spiral earrings.

4. Celestial shaped designs

An extraordinary theme of this spring will be the designs inspired of stars, comets and planets! Boost your look to... the space! Take a look at the 'Star and moon' earrings by Emmanuela - handcrafted for you.

5. Bracelets with fine elements or details

Trends dictate investing in our wrists, using bracelets with stones, pearls or detailed designs. If you want to combine this style with nature-inspired designs, you can choose the flower cuff bracelet from Emmanuela - handcrafted for you.

We can't wait to leave the limitations behind and return to the vis-a-vis meetings with our beloved people! We won't give up, we keep taking care of our hygiene and put our hopes on the upcoming spring, that will find us prepared on all levels!