'What jewelry should I wear on my wedding day?''

'What jewelry should I wear on my wedding day?''
The happiest day of your life is approaching and your impatience is growing. All that is left is to decide what jewelry you choose to wear on your wedding day.
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The solitaire and the wedding ring
The only thing that's certain about this marriage (and this life!) is that you know very well what you're going to wear in your hand. The ceremony will begin with you wearing the cute solitaire, while after the middle of the mystery you will exchange it for your wedding ring.
What's left? Ears, neck, hair

The wedding crowns
Wedding crowns are a symbol of your union and your love. The process of selecting them is therefore particularly important. Whether you are looking for minimal crowns or something more special you can find it in the options above! Unique crowns in silver or gold plated, decorated with beautiful details such as pearls, lace and ribbons. Discover a wide variety in handmade wedding crowns.
What earrings match my wedding dress?
It's all about the style of the wedding dress, but also the hairstyle you choose. Find appropriate dangle earrings for your wedding here.
Necklace for my wedding
If the wedding dress is strapless then it would be nice to wear something on the neck. Depending on your style you can choose a simple silver necklace, with pearl or a gold chain necklace that resembles an ancient Greek style. Find the above necklaces here.
Your grandmother's pin!
Your beloved grandmother left you a lovely pin but you have not yet found a way to integrate it into the wedding set? You don't have a pin and you want to get ideas; see here.
Your wedding day is a day you'll never forget
On www.emmanuela.jewelry you will find handmade jewelry for your wedding and custom made crowns, to make everything as you dreamed it.