What is 925 sterling silver & 6 tips to take care of your silver jewellery

What is 925 sterling silver & 6 tips to take care of your silver jewellery

Women traditionally love jewelry, but in recent years men have actively entered the game, choosing jewellery even for their daily appearances. Let's be honest, who doesn't like a beautiful piece of jewelry?

Jewelry gives beauty and luxury even to the simplest look... Just imagine a simple black dress and how it can be boosted with the addition of a special jewelry! (See Emmanuela's best seller poppies earrings with red enamel)

'Silver jewelry is one of the most popular, since it matches everything and is a classic value in jewelry selection.'

What does 925 sterling silver mean in jewelry?

Silver as a material is actually too soft a metal, to be used as it is in the manufacture of jewelry. The seal '925' on jewels, means that they consist of 92.5 pure silver and 7.5 of different metals. What you need to know is this: the best silver jewelry is made of 925 silver!

However, many people do not choose to buy a silver jewelry because they are afraid it will tarnish. Many times when silver contacts chemicals, it can get oxidized and its surface may be blackened, but this can be easily removed and should not worry you.

In any case all handmade jewelry which is made of 925 silver or gold-plated silver needs special care. For this reason, here are 5 smart tips to help you keep your favorite silver jewellery as new!

1. Avoid contact of jewellery with anything that contains alcohol (e.g. perfumes) or any detergent, cream etc.

2. For their storage, prefer small pouches, as when jewels are exposed, they are subject to scratches or time. In general, they should get in contact with air as little as possible. You can store them in airtight containers or synthetic bags.

3. Make sure that when you get home, your silver jewellery is the first thing you remove.

4. Do not wear your jewellery when swimming or bathing.

5. Do you want to pamper your jewels? Place them in a jug of hot water, adding a few drops of liquid dish detergent, while brushing with a soft old toothbrush. You can dry them with a soft cloth.

6. Clean your jewellery with baking soda, as it is the most suitable method for cleaning silver pieces.

Follow the instructions above and enjoy your silver handmade jewellery for a lifetime! Choose from a wide variety of silver jewellery in elaborate and beautiful designs from emmanuela.jewelry