Do you like tattoos? Combine them with rock jewelry made of sterling silver!

Do you like tattoos? Combine them with rock jewelry made of sterling silver!

You see it on others and you like it, you imagine it on your body and you go crazy! You think a tattoo isn't just a design. It's an idea, it's a life attitude, a philosophy. It's over, you've made up your mind: You're going to fill your body with tattoos!

Either you've already dared to make your first one or you think your body is now the canvas of your imagination and experiences... the next step is one: find out how you can show off your tattoos through unique jewellery and piercing.

Rock style is often a mix of many tattoos, a hard attitude and a lot of jewelry... Do you agree?


Truly rock style earrings

Earrings are considered one of the most common kinds of men's jewellery, as they can give a man this 'bad guy' look that drives all girls crazy... Discover earrings for men, made of 925 sterling silver here...


Bracelets to combine with a... Harley Davidson

Nothing shouts "Born to be wild" more than a chain bracelet which sets with leather pants and a t-shirt with the famous eagle logo... Look at bracelets for hard tastes here.



Pendants for the lady, pendants also for the tramp

Details make a difference, so the role of accessories in a man's style is undoubted, especially when it is combines with intense tattoo and a hard to get attitude! It's just that without a jewel, it's not considered a complete outfit, it's that a jewel offers rock attitude and makes it so easy to match your style. Choose from a wide variety of 925 silver pendants in particular goth, rock or metal designs.



Rings for men who live on the edge

A ring is not only a woman's issue, but also a man's. Imagine silver rings with crosses, around sophisticated tattoos on your fingers. Rings with skulls and other rock elements to accompany the whole look. Look here for other silver rings like this.

Your style rocks as well as your personality! So what's the point of your men's accessories not highlighting your tattoos? Timeless as ever, the rock look has been and will be a women's attraction!



Tattoos make you more sexy and jewelry complements ideally!

The idea of treating your body as a canvas is certainly not new, since tattoos first appeared around the 8th millennium BC in Paleolithic Japan.

In any case, if you're thinking about getting a tattoo, it's a good idea to take it seriously because it will be forever!

Emmanuela's collection of men's jewellery consists of original creations by Emmanuela Alevizopoulou, as well as selected designs of Italian houses. All pieces are in accordance to the latest and extreme trends in modern fashion, while they are manufactured or refined in our workshop, here in Greece.

It is targeted towards dynamic and modern men, who choose to stand out through their outfit, but without losing their true identity. Wearing these creations certainly won't let you be unnoticed.

Our designs are inspired by the professions, travels, history, religion, nature and inner quest. We have emphasized on music and the arts. Our jewelry, "Emmanuela - handcrafted for you" is so trendy and unique that you can wear them on any occasion.